AT&T = Fail.


After reading Tech Crunch’s article about AT&T’s current visual voicemail problems (AT&T Is A Big, Steaming Heap Of Failure), I realized I haven’t received a voicemail in a long time myself. So I went to test it – first I called my wife’s first-gen iphone and left her a message. It didn’t show up immediately, but a couple minutes later it appeared. Then I called my 3G phone from my wife’s and left a message. It’s been half an hour, and I haven’t received anything yet. In fact, I can’t see my deleted voicemails either – it appears it’s simply not working at all. Now of course I have to wonder if I’ve missed any important calls. Not cool.

Adding this to AT&T’s lack of MMS and tethering (and the reported $60/mo additional cost when it does come) with the 3.0 software, and I’m starting to agree that AT&T is sucking it hard. So I’ll add my voice to the chorus – Apple needs to end their exclusivity and give iPhone owners a choice. I like Verizon’s recent decision to limit their exclusivity contracts to 6 months, and think the other carriers should follow suit.

Lets hope AT&T gets their act together quickly!


Just found out that if you press and hold ‘1’ on your iPhone dial pad, that it will call your voicemail the old fashioned way. I had a couple of unheard messages in there – recommend everyone with an iPhone try this if you’re having trouble.