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The coming revolt against Apple


Over the last few years, Apple has solidified itself as the cool kid’s legitimate alternative to the Microsoft mainstream. They have excelled at packaging hardware and software together in sexy ways with usability that has put all the first-movers on defense, scrambling to catch up. The iPhone has been a smash hit and helped them expand their Mac market share substantially. broken-iphoneBut when you’re at the top of the cool mountain, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep your footing. There are storm clouds on the horizon, and there’s a revolution brewing.

The torches are being lit over in iPhone land. The iPhone has been a cult success in spite of itself in many ways. Other phones had better hardware and more features, and the iPhone was missing long standard features like MMS. But nothing matched the allure of the all touch screen form factor and the brilliant iPhone OS. When the App store was released, that made up for many of the (still persistent) feature deficiencies. But now that App Store is becoming a real problem for users and developers alike.

Is Microsoft kinda cool now?


Windows 7 pre-orders are flying off virtual shelves. Sony’s PlayStation 3 has lost the market to the Xbox 360. Some Microsoft commercials are being pulled because they’re too racy, and Apple is demanding they pull others. The ZuneHD actually looks cool. Natal is hailed as revolutionary. What the hell is going on? Is Microsoft cool Read More