So this is why it’s so hard to blog!


If you’re a regular reader of (ha!) you may have noticed that after starting relatively strong, posts have trailed off and are now pretty infrequent. This is a pretty common problem for startup blogs – after you’ve dumped the initial genius thoughts you had that prompted you to start the blog, then you look around and think “now what?” But I’ve been enlightened to what I believe is the cause: everything I could share I assume most people already know.

Rajesh Setty has a great post explaining this (“Why some smart people are reluctant to share?“). I use my knowledge every day, I follow expert blogs that reinforce that knowledge, my friends are similarly expert in my field – so I perceive as common knowledge what many would consider expertise.

So for 2010, I’m going to try blogging more, and instead of thinking of my web/designer friends as an audience, I think I’m going to picture my clients. They currently pay me for my knowledge, so apparently it’s worth something right? And if any less experienced designers find the info valuable, so much the better. Come along!

Now I just have to come up with topics about stuff that isn’t proprietary or confidential to somebody …