Going back in time with vinyl


Used music stores don’t sell 8-tracks anymore, or cassette tapes. But I’ve found several that sell old records. Something about vinyl gives it an enduring quality.

It’s been probably 15-20 years since I played a record, but having found a couple of local caches of vinyl gold, I decided to give it another go. I don’t know what it is about vinyl, but its a unique music experience for me, that my computers and iphones and zunes just can’t match.

turntableI found a couple of old turntables in storage that I tried cleaning up, but they didn’t work very well. For Christmas I got 3 turntables, 2 new, 1 very old. I’m sending the new ones back in favor of the 70’s model pictured here. It was my grandparents, and my dad has been doing some restoration work on it. It needs a bit more tweaking, particularly the amp, but it’s working well enough that I’ve got it hooked up and playing some Simon & Garfunkel tonight.

I think the thing with vinyl is that it requires your undivided attention. We hear music in the background all day long – while we work, while we drive, while we shop, while we watch tv… It’s constant, but never the center of attention. When you have to place a needle and can physically watch the music play, you have to just sit back and listen, and enjoy.