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Grace Hopper, inventor of the COBOL language

Men of Silicon Valley: We’re sexist, we just don’t know it.


As someone who moved to San Francisco about a year ago from Dallas, I was really struck by how progressive everything here was. Silicon Valley seems to be the embodiment of the American Dream, and one of the few places left in the country where you have a good shot at realizing it, especially in Read More

Going back in time with vinyl


Used music stores don’t sell 8-tracks anymore, or cassette tapes. But I’ve found several that sell old records. Something about vinyl gives it an enduring quality.

It’s been probably 15-20 years since I played a record, but having found a couple of local caches of vinyl gold, I decided to give it another go. I don’t know what it is about vinyl, but its a unique music experience for me, that my computers and iphones and zunes just can’t match.

The Journey Begins


Despite being in the web design business for 8+ years, I have never had a personal or business site during that time. I was always too busy, and didn’t have any trouble finding work, so it never happened. For whatever reason, I’ve decided to go ahead and build my personal presence now. I already have a bunch of topics in my drafts folder, so watch this space for content to come!